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Scorpio Research’s founder and president, Ilana Drucker, has worked in the research industry for over fifteen years.  She has presided over market research and strategy studies for myriad clients, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to healthcare and educational institutions.  Ilana holds particular expertise in qualitative research and has fielded hundreds of focus groups, in-depth-interviews (IDIs), ethnographies, and usability sessions both in the U.S. and abroad. A professionally certified moderator, she is recognized by clients and participants for her effective, high-energy, and engaging moderating style, as well as for her strong project management and analytical abilities. 

Ilana received her moderator accreditation at RIVA Training Institute. She earned two graduate degrees in history from New York University and her B.A. in history along with a Phi Beta Kappa certification from the University of Michigan. Ilana is a member of professional organizations including the American Marketing Association (AMA), ESOMAR, Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG), and National Association of Female Executives (NAFE). In addition to her business activities, Ilana has served as an adjunct professor in American, Jewish, and Business history at institutions including New York University, Barry University, Miami-Dade Commuity College, and the Central Agency for Jewish Education. She is also a certified educational mentor to foster youth in the State of Florida.

“Ilana is a terrific moderator; I have rarely witnessed anyone with her abilities to get people to talk and participate. She is uncanny in that way and a true asset to our marketing and product management departments.”
– Director of Marketing, Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer

“Ilana is that moderator who you know will engage.  She is present, more than present, and with her heightened sensitivities, she will probe, dig, and uncover… We ask her to moderate our most complex and challenging research projects.”
– Principal, Branding Strategy Firm

“Ilana’s imaging and visualization skills as a moderator are some of the best in the field.”
– CEO, National Customer Satisfaction Company

“I was absolutely impressed with the outcome of the focus groups.  Ilana knows how to work the room like nobody’s business.  We now have excellent information that we can not only learn from but use to improve our online client product.”
– Global Marketing Manager, Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO)

“I have worked with a number of moderators over the years.  However, I have never worked with a moderator who was more fully engaged in her work.  My colleagues and I considered Ilana a true partner in the research process, an approach and style that not only met our needs but was essential to the success of our project.”               
- CEO, Interactive Social Shopping Network