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Ethnographies are interviews that place in the natural setting and under the typical circumstances where participants engage with a given product, service, or activity. A major difference between ethnographies and other research tools is the depth of the insights. Scorpio Research ethnographers spend time observing and interviewing participants in their homes, workplaces, shopping venues, medical offices, and social scenes. While focusing on the specific area of interest, we also observe the general environment in which the activities take place, such as use of a product. As a result, we are able to gain a holistic view of the product, service, or activity in the larger context which defines the participant´┐Żs world. Ethnographies are particularly helpful for understanding consumer behavior, usage patterns, purchase and decision-making processes.

Depending upon the study, ethnography sessions can last 2-3 hours, or as much as a full day or series of days. We often videotape ethnographies (non-intrusively) and edit relevant footage into presentations that highlight key research findings.