Scorpio Research is a research and strategy firm with advanced expertise in qualitative research. While serving a variety of industries, we specialize in healthcare, media, and education. Within healthcare, we have honed experience in life science and drug development. Our dedicated project teams provide an exceptional level of customer service and responsiveness throughout the study and ongoing client relationship. The result: research solutions that are customer-focused, market-driven, and action-oriented.
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Scorpio Research is proud to have partnered with MTV, providing qualitative research to support its innovative and important gender equality campaign:

Scorpio Research Moderator Training

Scorpio Research specializes in conducting on-site moderator training programs for corporate, non-profit, and private clients. Course offerings feature moderating qualitative research, usability testing, panel discussions, client meetings, and media presentations. We customize each program to match the needs of participating organizations and individual students. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our on and off-site trainings!


Upcoming Courses:

“Fundamentals of Moderating,” February 7-10, 2017, 2017; Miami, FL

“Fundamentals of Moderating,” February 21-24, 2017, 2017; New York, NY

“Next-Level Moderating,” March 7-10, 2017; New York, NY

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